Mekor in the News

Jan 31 2018

Jewish Press RabbisCanRun for Youth At Risk in Israel features Rabbi Hirsch

Jan 31 2018

Jewish Exponent Local Rabbis in It for the Long Run features Rabbi Hirsch

Aug 29 2017

Jewish Exponent First-ever Hava NaGrilla Barbecue Contest Attracts Thousands features Gerber-Schneiman family, Mekor members

Aug 4 2017

Jewish Exponent Moshav Band presents Mekor Habracha Benefit Concert also features Moments of Wrong

Jan 5 2017

Jewish Exponent Locals React to U.S. Abstention from UN Vote Quotes Rabbi Hirsch

Jun 1 2016

Jewish Exponent Music, Bonfire Light Up Kensington for Lag B’Omer features Moments of Wrong

May 20 2016

Jewish Exponent Mekor Habracha Scholar-in-Residence Shabbaton with Rabbi Saul Berman features Mekor's third Shabbaton from the Spring 2016 series

Apr 20 2016

Jewish Exponent Waxman and Snyder to Challenge Sims for the 182nd District mentions Mekor member Marni Snyder who is running for PA State Rep 182nd District

Mar 2 2016

Jewish Community Voice Federation chosen for prestigious leadership program mentions Mekor Habracha

Oct 1 2015

Kveller ...What Message Are We Sending to Mourners? article by Sharrona Pearl, member of Mekor Habracha

Aug 27 2015

Jewish Exponent US Rabbis Sign Letter Opposing Nuclear Agreement mentions Rabbi Hirsch

Aug 13 2015

Kveller Why I Cook for Strangers article by Sharrona Pearl, member of Mekor Habracha

May 13 2015

Jewish Exponent Annual Jewish Heritage Night Fills Phillies Game interviews several members

May 7 2015

Jewish Exponent Philadelphia Jews Celebrate Lag B'Omer With Bonfire and Music Fest mentions Moments of Wrong

Apr 22 2015

Jewish Exponent Back to Jewish Day School article by Yoella Epstein, member of Mekor Habracha

Apr 9 2015

Mar 4 2015

Jewish Exponent Calling Attention to Plight of "Chained" Women features an event at Mekor Habracha

Feb 25 2015

Jewish Exponent Making Carrying Shabbat-Friendly explains the Mekor Habracha community's involvement in keeping the eruv up

Feb 25 2015

Jewish Exponent It's All About Location When It Comes to Eruvin explains the Mekor Habracha community's involvement in expanding the eruv

Oct 2 2014

Jewish Exponent Speaking Their Minds: Rabbis Address Israel at the High Holidays mentions Rabbi Hirsch's High Holidays sermons

Sep 17 2014

Jewish Exponent Activists Prepare for Climate March mentions Mekor's support of the People's Climate March

Feb 12 2014

Jewish Exponent Graduate-Level Matchmaking mentions Rabbi Hirsch's role in making GradMatch possible

Oct 16 2013

Jewish Exponent Creating Modern Orthodox Community covers the outstanding growth of Mekor Habracha

Oct 4 2013

Jewish Exponent Marriage Equality Supporters Applaud State Bill quotes Rabbi Hirsch

Sep 4 2013

Feb 21 2013

Press Release A Night of Megillah and Music at Mekor Habracha announces Mekor's 2013 Purim bash

Aug 30 2012

Press Release Ring in 5773 announces Mekor's 2012 High Holidays celebration

Jul 1 2012

Miriam's Advice Well Crockpot crapshoot features Rabbi Hirsch's vegetarian cholent

Mar 8 2012 Purim: Stressing God's role in evil of world article by Adam Taxin, member of Mekor Habracha

Jan 27 2012 Moshav Band and Moments of Wrong ready to rock Union Transfer article by Adam Taxin, member of Mekor Habracha

Apr 7 2011

Jewish Exponent Leaven's Fate: What to do with your chametz quotes Rabbi Hirsch on the meaning of chametz

Jan 21 2010

Jewish Exponent Focusing on Kids Makes Sense, but What About Singles? identifies Mekor as a formula for success

Aug 11 2008

Rittenhouse Square Revue Magazine Keeping Jewish Heritage Alive in Center City features Mekor as a newcomer to Rittenhouse Square

Mar 13 2008

Jewish Exponent Etz Chaim and Minyan Outgrowth Decide to Go Their Separate Ways explains the origins of Mekor Habracha