Friday Evening

Mincha, Kabbalat Shabbat and Ma’ariv take place on Friday evenings immediately after candlelighting time.

Saturday Morning

Shabbat morning services at Mekor Habracha start at 9:15am and are followed by a delicious hot kiddush. During services, our younger members can enjoy themselves in Cookie Minyan.

During the winter months, Mincha takes place immediately after Kiddush, at the earliest zman possible.

Saturday Evening

During the spring,summer,and fall months,while Daylight Savings Time is in force, Mekor’s afternoon services, consisting of Mincha, third meal and Ma’ariv, start between one and one and a half hours before Havdalah. Services are often preceded by a 45-minute to one-hour Talmud class led by Rabbi Hirsch.

During the winter Ma’ariv services are scheduled around 15 minutes before Havdalah, and there is typically no third meal.