Sponsoring kiddush is a wonderful way to honor or remember friends and family, as well as to commemorate life cycle events. If you would like to sponsor kiddush, please email the shul at mekorhabracha@gmail.com.

The cost of a standard kiddush is $200 for Mekor members and $250 for non-members. This typically includes cholent, sweet and savory snacks, and drinks. By request, this may also include a celebratory cake.

All special requests, including add-ons and cakes, must be made by Monday at noon prior to the Shabbat being sponsored.

Please be aware that we deliberately keep kiddush costs low to make sponsorship accessible to the whole community. We welcome multiple sponsorships on any given Shabbat or Yom Tov.

We will be happy to accommodate any special requests — just email the shul at mekorhabracha@gmail.com and we will inform you of the availability and cost.


For an additional contribution (i.e, in addition to the cost of the standard kiddush), you can add any of the following to the standard kiddush:

  • Fresh bakery cakes, cookies and pastries ($250 members; $300 nonmembers)
  • Bagels and spreads (white fish salad, tuna, cream cheese) ($500 members; $550 nonmembers)
  • Cheese platter with fancy cheeses and crackers (small $150, large $225)
  • Fruit platter (small $100 members;$150 nonmembers, large $150 members; $200 nonmembers)
  • Vegetable platter (small $100 members; $150 nonmembers, large $150 members; $200 nonmembers)
  • Ice cream ($100 members; $150 nonmembers)
  • Whiskey (whiskey & herring) ($500 members; $550 non-members)

Mekor Habracha members have a $50 cost discount.

Third Meal

Third Meal sponsorship is $75 for Mekor members and $100 for non-members.