We are famous for our wonderful kiddush every Shabbat, but it doesn’t happen by itself. Thanks to Hannah Myers and community volunteers, we enjoy an amazing kiddush week after week.

Volunteering to set up kiddush is a great way to give back to the community. Please, consider signing up to make cholent before candle lighting or to setup and take down kiddush on Shabbat and Yom Tov.

Please contact to volunteer or to send your suggestions and comments

Torah and Haftarah Reading

In order to provide the community with quality Torah and haftarah reading, we need capable people from the community to provide this invaluable service. If you know how to read Torah or haftarah, and would like to volunteer to lain, please send us an email for more information. We would love to hear some new voices!

If you are a little rusty or do not know how to read Torah and would like to learn, please reach out.

Life Events Meals Program and Shabbat Hospitality

Our life events meals program, led by Emily Dubitsky, helps families who recently had a baby or have undergone a significant life event. If you are in that situation and you would like to participate in this wonderful program, please send the program an email.

If you want to contribute with meals for the life events meals program or help with hospitality, please sign up for the shul’s hospitality email list. Those on the list will receive hospitality requests made to the shul and meal preparation and other requests to help families after a life event.

Become an Eruv Checker or a Mashgiach

The community is in need of eruv checkers and mashgichim for local food establishments. If you could help for about one hour on a Thursday or Friday every 2–3 months for the eruv, or are available to be a mashgiach please contact the shul.

Center City Mikvah Project

The Mekor Habracha Center City Mikvah committee, led by recently appointed Mikvah President and Mekor member Yah-el Har-el, is working hard to get the project started. Mekor Habracha has been at the forefront of these efforts, raising a serious amount of money from within our community and taking leadership roles upon themselves.

The Mikvah project still needs volunteers to help with the building stage, so please send us an email if you would like to volunteer for this vital community effort.