Your donation is greatly needed and appreciated! Tax-deductible donations to sponsor a kiddush, dedicate a prayer book, chumash or other religious item, or to support our synagogue are wonderful ways to honor family, friends, or the memory of a departed loved one.

You can take a look at our current dedication opportunities or pay a visit to our wall of dedications.

All contributions are fully tax-deductible and will be acknowledged in a letter that may be used for tax purposes.

Credit Card

You can make a donation by credit card through Network for Good or send money via The PayPal Giving Fund, standard Paypal, or Venmo to

We respectfully request that all payments made through the Network for Good website include the 5% service fee, and all standard Paypal payments include an additional 5% charge to cover the Paypal fee. All payments through PayPal Giving Fund or Venmo do not require any additional charges.


You can send a check payable to “Mekor Habracha” or “Center City Synagogue” to Ellen B. Geller, 768 N Croskey St, Philadelphia, PA 19130.